On the mend

Good Morning Race fans and supporters:   Thanks for bearing with me over the past month+ with my reduced ability to get out posts.  Progress on the Acumen Motorsport Porsche – gearbox rebuild is almost complete.  The teardown after the Rolex 24 Hour found 2nd and 3rd gear had failed.  New gears and pieces and we are ready to go.  This driver is also on the mend with a new bionic right hip to replace the original, worn out after some 500 races mashing the gas and brake pedals.  Crewman Jeff Hallquist also on the mend after ankle rebuilding surgery.  We are about ready to jump back into the series. 

Next post – Neat new equipment ordered and delivered?

About Frank Del Vecchio

Racing since 1969, Frank has logged more than 250 top 6 finishes in 500 starts. His experience in more than 100 different Racecars has earned him several endurance racing team and manufacturer titles, fast lap and track records, and a couple of formula car championships. Well known in the world of motorsports, Frank covers major races as a professional track announcer and is qualified as a race instructor. During the off season, Frank is a real estate broker in Connecticut.
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  1. Jeff Hallquist says:

    Sitting here surfing on a rainy Sunday morning. Nice blog site Frank. More than the car got rebuilt after the Rolex. The body parts got replaced with titanium, stainless and space age plastic and the tranny got some heat treated gears. Now we need track time and PT. To quote an American legend “rock and roll”.

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