Missing in action

Announcement:  To all of our race fans and supporters, it looks like the Acumen Motorsport Porsche will not be racing in the 2013 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona this year.  Several factors over the past months will have the racecar parked until spring.  A number of drivers and crew members will be helping other teams this winter with several of us headed to Sebring, FL in March.

We have been derelict in posting news here.  Over the next few weeks we will play catch up with  our 2012 season and our plans for 2013.

Thanks for all your good comments and support over the past year.

Let’s go Racin’

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Here we go again!

Acumen Motorsport Supporters and racefans:  Gearing up for the end of the season activities.  Just a few weeks ago at the Pocono 400 – ALM Materials Handling Positioners (our main Porsche sponsor) was on the hood of Aric Almirola’s #43 from the Petty Garages.  Uncle Frank spent last weekend in the PA booth at Watkins Glen announcing Grand-Am, NASCAR Nationwide & Sprint Cup races.  The Porsche is ready for some mid-September testing at the Autobahn in Joliet, IL with Douglas and Tony.  My formula car is in the trailer headed for a test day – August 28th. and a few end of season races in Sept. – November.  September 7 – 9th we are back in the PA booth at the Glen for the huge vintage racing event and may race a few cars in between broadcasts.  

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Daytona 2013

Race fans and supporters:  We are once again working on plans for the 2013 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.  The Porsche has been totally gone through with a full transmission re-build and is already turning laps at the Autobahn tracks with Douglas Grunnet and Tony Kester.  They are also putting on a program at the track as part of group/team building event.  More on that next post.  I’m headed to Pocono to instruct at an event.  Getting ready for a few races in late summer and fall.

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Seems like a very long time.

Whew!  Way too much has been going on the past month+.  Sorry racers and race fans – got caught up with the rest of life when not at the race track.  Real estate broker since 1971 and have been taking care of lots of the motorheads in the area.  Homes with oversized garages – out buildings – or industrial/commercial spaces.    Hey – the formula car we practice with is running again and will be out on the track in the next few weeks.  The Acumen Motorsport Porsche has also been turning laps at the Autobahn tracks in Joilet, IL with Douglas Grunnet and Tony Kester behind the wheel.  We are once again, cranking up our efforts.  Daytona is 6 months away.


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It has been way too long!

Race fans and Acumen Motorsport supporters:

Over 5 weeks since my last post.  What has been happening locally here in my Connecticut base is mostly getting physical therapy for a new hip joint – took lots more time than I expected, coupled with my regular job as a real estate broker – whew.  Did get some race track time in – last weekend in April did the PA for the ‘Devil In The Dark’ 12 hour enduro at New Jersey Motorsports Park and back at New Jersey this past weekend – once again on the PA for the big Grand-Am, Pro IT weekend races.  Race announcing is a real kick but does not compare with driving the race car so – back to the gym with crewman Jeff Hallquist – we are getting ready for some summer testing and racing.  More soon and I promise not to take this long getting back to all our racing friends.

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On the mend

Good Morning Race fans and supporters:   Thanks for bearing with me over the past month+ with my reduced ability to get out posts.  Progress on the Acumen Motorsport Porsche – gearbox rebuild is almost complete.  The teardown after the Rolex 24 Hour found 2nd and 3rd gear had failed.  New gears and pieces and we are ready to go.  This driver is also on the mend with a new bionic right hip to replace the original, worn out after some 500 races mashing the gas and brake pedals.  Crewman Jeff Hallquist also on the mend after ankle rebuilding surgery.  We are about ready to jump back into the series. 

Next post – Neat new equipment ordered and delivered?

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Coming soon

Race fans and supporters:  Still on the mend here and limited time on the computer.  Within a week or two I’ll be back with some breaking news, updates, and race/track announcing dates where the Acumen Motorsport Team will be active.  Thanks for hanging in.

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missing in action

Sunday:  3/25/12  –  My apologies to our Acumen Motorsport race fans and supporters.  It’s been difficult to get much computer work done lately.  On March 13th – after some 43 years of trying to drive the gas pedal through the firewall over some 500 races, my right hip joint just plain wore out.  Recovering from a replacement made of titanium, chrome, and aircraft grade plastic.  This driver expects to be racing by early June. In the rehab period, I’ll get more details on the movin’ and shaken’ going on at the team headquarters and our various locations across the country.  The Grand-Am race at NJMP (May 11 – 13th) I’ll be in the PA booth.

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Between races…..

Good Morning race fans and supporters:  Saturday and got to sleep late (6am) – just back from the gym.  Thanks for all your comments on this site.  I try and reply personally but there are too many – so a blanket thanks.  It’s hard to be between races.  The Porsche is in the process of final prep for what comes next.  We have a new tow vehicle and a new trailer on order after a disaster on the way back from Daytona when the support trailer and tow vehicle went off the road and Rolled!  This quiet time is for maintenance and prep and of course – searching for additional corporate partners – Racing is expensive and one great way to promote your products and services.

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Good Morning race fans and supporters:  6:56 am and just back from the gym.  What does it take to get in shape for the Rolex 24 Hour or other races……Some of the younger drivers have the luxury of long workouts and strong, unworn joints.  As the senior ‘shoe’ in the group, there is a long history of torn rotator cuff, strained ligaments, sprains, a few breaks, and a bit of arthritis.  Daily work outs for flexibility and endurance strenght – lighter weights – more reps – can keep us going.  Eight months of workouts – 4 to 7 days/week prior to the Rolex 24 Hour and it worked!  Strong in the car, good concentration, no cool suit, double stint – could have driven for many more hours.  Summer races are tougher – hotter temperatures in the car can reach over 125 degrees F. and some tracks are tight – without the long breather banking and straights of Daytona.  We will keep at it – no breaks.  Are you ready to go racin?

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